Difference b/w 5.5gpm 60psi and 7.0gpm 100psi 12v pump

My current inner debate



with 19.99 unlimited replacement/protection plan… AKA when it breaks I take it back and get a new one… and we all know it will break eventually.

Anyone with experience of a 100psi 7.0gpm to a 60 psi 7.0gpm or 60 psi 5.5gpm?

Both are fine. I have several of each. Don’t get the 100psi fb though. Just get the 60psi. You can adjust the pressure with screw on top. 80 psi is about ideal on the fb. The FB will shoot about 5-10 ft further on a good day. depends on what kind of roofs you’re doing. High steep pitches need all the distance you can get. If most of them one story or walkable the NT one is fine.

For post treating or just misc stuff I just always use my NT one. Wouldn’t worry about the warranty. Got a decent one like it is. No matter what you get flush it with about 5 gal of water after every use.


So you’re saying you can turn up the 60 PSI to 80 so there is no need to buy the 100? Is it basically a gimmick and no need to pay extra for it?

Is this screw on all of the 12v pumps? I have everflow and haven’t found this screw.

I could have used the extra distance today. Instead I was crawling around like a spider money with my courage paws.

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They’re the same price. They just come set from the factory with different settings. Can adjust the 100 down but it seems like it’s harder to get dialed in. Plus at 100psi it draws more amps and I’ve had lot higher failure rate with them set that high.


Just talking about the delavans. Have no clue on the others.


Yes I believe they all have a pressure switch that is adjusted with an allen key.

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Thanks. I’m going to have a second look.

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Is there a build sheet anywhere for what you recommend?
I am motivated and ready to order my setup just having trouble narrowing all the info I am seeing online…
Looking at taking this as a frame work and modifying and adjusting to meet my budget and specific needs.

What average distance you guys getting with these 12v pumps? I just started using 12v about a month ago and I get maybe 15 ft with my 5.5 Delavan at 45 psi.

You should change your nozzle or you don’t have enough battery to power it

Battery may be the issue. When I first tested I swear I was getting about 20 plus foot. Killed it, plumbed out my tank and never really seemed to get the same distance again. Shooter on jrod and nothing more. I been using it to transfer SH a lot here lately. I ll stick the charger on it tomorrow

What sized hose you running?

What’s your budget?

3/8 outlet, 1/2 inlet

600 just to get up and running… Add the hose reel and diamond plated, proportioner, etc later… Budget does not include tanks but I am open to any suggestion on those as well.

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$600 might be enough to get a decent 5.5gpm set up. Have you tried local market places for a tank, battery, and hose reel? That might help a ton if you can find any of those used.

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That’s plenty

You should be getting a lot more than that. 1/2 on output would help but even with 3/8 you should be getting 30’ if you’ve got plumbed right. But with 3/8 if you’re running a lot of feet of hose you’re going to get a fair amount of friction loss so don’t be trying to run 200’ of it.

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