Did some flatwork today

And I fell in the pool.

I wish someone had been recording, fastest i have moved in a long time.


I wouldn’t mine falling in one humid today​:grinning::grinning:

I have done it a handful of times in past years

110 heat index today or I would’ve given anything to fall in a pool.

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I guess you could say you really gave a new meaning to…downstreaming…i hate myself


Yea it Was hot here today as well. The worst part is I really had to P at that point in the day I should’ve stayed in there for an extra minute. Would’ve been much easier than going in the trailer when I went to swap out boots

Every time I do one I’m afraid it’s going to happen. I’ve been close at least 5 times. I’ll make sure I get a selfie when I finally go over the edge. We can start a club!

@DoubleH. How is this “Way off Topic”?

What if someone cant swim and they need to make sure they wear their water wings if doing pool area?

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Fixed @DoubleH

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That’s why I include the price of my osha compliant safety device when doing pool decks


U have beautiful hair.

And it got weird…


Lol, That’s not me

Only weird if you make it weird.


I actually just laughed really hard. Lmao :joy:

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Hahahaha thanks, that made me laugh. Good way to start the day (late start). I saw it under the “competitive sports” category and thought maybe you did sled sprints or speed drills or soemthing…NOPE! Ha nice.