Did my first roof today

Hey guys so I cleaned my first roof today. It was for my sister. It was a 1,900 sqft ranch it had a ton of black streaks and a decent amount of moss. I did half the roof from a ladder but than decided to walk the roof for the second half as I felt I was useing more mix than was needed and it was slowing me down to keep moving the ladder around. In total I used 50 gallons of a 4.5 % mix. And it took me 3 hours from start to finish. I don’t have a very efficient set up yet so I wasted some time with that. I wish I took pictures ( I always forget to do that lol ) the end result was great all the black streak were gone and the moss was yellow and white and hopefully with the coming rain every thing washes away. Does my total gallon and time seem about right or am I way off from what a experienced technician would do?

Pictures would definitely help us answer your questions. Some houses have all sorts of peaks valleys so we’d just be guessing. You’ll get faster with more experience.

What were you using to apply? The mix amount sounds pretty good, especially if you hit any of the moss twice. 3 hours is pretty long if you weren’t rinsing.

Side note, I’d never walk a roof that I’m already spraying unless it was dead flat and I had gear on. Even the overspray can be incredibly slippery

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Yeah i should have taken pictures the house does have several peaks and valleys. I figured 3 hours was kind long but again I don’t have a very efficient set up. I was using a 12v system out of a small batch tank ( 20gallons) so I had to stop and make more than one batch. I also need more hose. So I had to move the tank and hose a few times. There was one area that was rinsed, that did eat up some time. They asked if I could spray the chimney while I was up there. The chimney comes right up threw the center of the roof. Had I known ahead of time, I would have done that first but it wasn’t until after the roof was treated I was told. So once I started to rinse the chimney off it made a bunch of suds on the roof so I rinsed that one section.

How long should the average 2,000 sqft hose take to clean the roof?

Do you do everything from the ladder? How to you avoid potentially slipping?

Yes. I’ve only done a handful of roofs but I spray from the ladder. Levellers and standoffs make it more secure, I feel safer on the ladder than on the roof for sure

Low pitched shingle roof completely fine to walk, even when spraying.

As long as you have you harness and anchor point

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