Did I ruin this siding—revisited

A few months ago I did a softwashing job on a dark blue vinyl sided house. In spite of my tireless rinsing efforts, it wouldn’t stop drying with weird run/splotch marks. For full disclosure, I may have had too much surfactant (Dawn) in my mix and was using 12.5%sh at a 1:4 dilution and it was a hot sunny July day, but rinsed it to death. The end result was this:

In a previous post of this photo I was told that I’d have to replace the siding and it was permanently discolored. After months of trying to work with this client I finally got a chance to go back again and try some other chems. After some research here and other places I decided a 1:1 water:f13 gutter grenade would be a good place to start. My findings have left me scratching my head.

Here is an affected area with the splotch marks identified with painters tape:

Here it is after applying f13 with a rag and pretty promptly drying it:

So it seems that the f-13 is taking it off fine, but I discovered something bizzare— after doing a larger portion of siding and then drying it by hand, I left portion wet to air dry. It seems the marks are being left by the water? But I don’t know how or why it would happen after I soft washed. It is well water, is there something in it that is reacting?

Here are pics of the wet spot left to dry with time stamps showing it’s progression. All of the siding looks like this, does anyone know what’s happening here??

I also splashed some bottled water I had in my truck on there and there was no spotting that occurred. Is it possible the water is what is causing this?

Pics of Aquafina splash drying progression:

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Friend, it sounds like the homeowner has had a messed up house for months. You’ve spent way to much time on it. Replace the siding and move on. Don’t use dawn and don’t wash blue, brown, red oe green houses. Fill up your tank somewhere else and go back and rinse the house without well water if you want one last hurrah

with cold or hot water?

You’re use of the scientific method is excellent. I would suggest bottling some of the well water and then letting it evaporate, or boil it, in a glass beaker. You may find there are minerals in that water supply. Possibly sulfur. Does it have a rotten ege smell when heated?

Keep at it and you’ll get the house clean. Trucking in your own water for a rinse is a great idea.

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Cold water

Like John said, prob hard water, well water.

When I started I only used cold water, and then switched to hot water the outcome was a lot diff, way better and faster. Specially on the windows.

I suggest trying using 140-160F on siding