Did I not rinse long enough?

Hello, I downstreamed this vinyl siding house the other day and got a call back that there are these lines all around the house.

I have a 2.5pm pressure washer. I downstreamed it let it dwell and I don’t think I rinsed long enough. I rinsed enough to clear the chemical. It’s about a small ranch type home and I rinsed maybe 30 seconds to a minute probably per side.

I’m pretty sure this is the cause of this just want another opinion? Also how do I fix this, should I downstream it again, dwell, and then rinse it very thoroughly?

Thanks so much.

Share with us more details about your process and paint us a better picture: What did you downstream, how long did it dwell, did it dry, was it just this one side, air temperature outside, etc.

It was a hot day about 80+ degrees. Started the work in the afternoon like 12 or 1pm.

Just downstreamed SH & soap. Used the 12.5% SH but it get diluted when the downstream injector comes into play.

Let it dwell about 10 minutes or so I would say. Don’t think it dried, it was all sides he was saying that had these lines, the front left back right.

Previously I asked for help on a topic that had white spots leftover and was advised to let the SH dwell a bit longer so I haven’t made that mistake since then…

Process I pre wet most plants and then applied the SH batch mix all around the house, let it dwell, then went to rinse it off. But like I said I think I just rinsed too fast.

Pressure washing 101 - 70% of your time is spent rinsing. You can’t rinse a dog house adequately in 1 min with a 2.3. Hard to tell from pic but it looks like dirty water dried on it. Do you have any better pics, like from further away.


Thank you! I don’t unfortunately, I asked the homeowner to send some pics and this is all he sent.

Should I reclean again with SH and just rinsing thoroughly or just rinsing by itself would be sufficient?

Reclean with a weak mix. It’s dried now, just water may not break it loose. Take before and after pics and don’t leave a job again with it looking like that.

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Thank you, much appreciated.

It sucks cause I also cleaned the windows and will have to redo the outsides. Window cleaning is my specialty, soft washing not so much… but I am getting there.

Don’t take this as snarky, but seriously after soaping you will get a whole lot more rinsing power just using their garden hose and a good distance nozzle. 2.5gpm is about what my kitchen sink puts out, a typical outdoor spigot belts out at least 5.

Just a thought until you get that snazzy 8gpm machine.

This is a pic, used it many times to blast off pine needles from glass enclosure patios.

Obviously don’t use it up close but for the higher stuff it’s nice.


Awesome thank you, will get.

Is there an 8GPM or 5.5 machine you can recommend.

I have / used the 4 GPM dewalt pressure washer but that thing is a nightmare it’s hard to turn on and leaks a bit so I have to get a better setup soon.

Sometimes I hear you guy say 8GPM or 5.5 but is that just like a 8GPM pressure washer?

Thank you.