Did I do ok?

$300 for a gx390. Sounds good. I know it’s a bit of gamble but the price was right!

Too late now, specially to compare yourself to other folks.

You’ll get bummed at how little you got.

Just put that machine to work.

Keep reading the forum before purchasing anything else.

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How many hours? Were you able to start it up? If it’s in good shape, I’d say $300 for a gx390 is a pretty good deal.

Throw a 5.5 gpm gear drive on that and you’ll have a housewashing beast.



Yep, sounds good. Looks good. About three years old. Not sure of hours. Exactly my plan. Better than my current 2.7 gpm. I was considering a Predator so this should be better. Eventually I’ll move to an 8 gpm but you have to walk before you run! :slightly_smiling_face:

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