Diaphragm pump questions

Can I use a quickconnect setup and use my pressure hose?

Should I just stick with a barb setup and use a smaller hose like the ones off pressuretek?

Problems with using a regular pressure washing hose?

Thanks for any help

You can use quick connects. You can use any hose you want as long as its the right size. If you had a big diaphragm pump I imagine a 1 inch pressure hose would be really expensive and heavy. Not to mention the shear overkill…

I have 1/2’’ NPT on my pump. I was thinking about using my regular hoses instead of buying a new hose that I wouldn’t be able to use with my pressure washer. Hence the quickconnect setup

It would go from 1/2’’ to 3/8’’ but the thought was keeping all my hoses the same and using different guns/attachments.

I prefer s lighter chemical hose. Always make the inlet side of the hose at,least one side bigger than the connection…