Diagram of an set up

Hi, Everybody!
I am interested in opening a pressure and softwashing business.
In my country there is no such service, so I had to do research online to learn the basics. Based on that, I made this Diagram to get organized and set up my first trailer.

Can you take a look and detect any errors or give any advice on this diagram?

Thanks in advance!
Note: sorry for the defective English.


Well you gotta figure out what you want to clean first. What kind of equipment is available in your country also what chemicals are available. All the answers are on the forum

Your English is fine. I can’t help you with your question, but I am sure someone else will. I do like your flow chart though.

If power washing doesn’t work out get a job making diagrams.


What you have is a basic setup. Diagrams can be confusing and seem harder than it is. Google some pictures of the things you want. There basically individual systems just laid out in specific order according to truck/trailer lay out. The plumbing is straight forward if you can picture it mounted in whatever rig you are putting it in.

Only weird thing I see in your diagram is the unloader valve. There’s only one output from your pressure pump and it goes into the unloader. Unloader then either sends it to the gun or into the buffer tank

So pump–> unloader valve–> DS injector–>gun
(Or) pump–> unloader valve --> bypass tank