Detailing Semi-trucks/finishing touches/random questions

Hello, I’m just getting started in the detailing business. I mostly clean semi-trucks. I give them an exterior wash and clean the inside. Fairly basic (no waxing or fine detail stuff). I just got a DI water set-up. That helped with the water spots tremendously. I pay about $55 for the DI tank which gets me anywhere from 300-600 gallons they said. Sound about right? Is there a cheaper way to get DI water?

My main question is for finishing touches. Is there a good product to use while I walk around the truck to catch any mistakes (few water spots, random dirt, grease, etc.)? I was thinking something like a Windex but there might be something better out there.

Also, is there a certain type soap I should be using? I’ve heard something about PH balanced, which will also help with the water spots.

Is there a good way to get the back part of the semi-truck cab? There are lots of hoses, vents, etc. that make it hard to brush.

I’m finding out that time is our biggest enemy and a good set-up is crucial. Any other tips for me would be appreciated. How do you clean semi-trucks that saves time?


Hey Lucas i just bought a machine and i want to wash fleets as well, what shampoos do you use, and degreasers?, i dont know much, how do you apply the chemicals, do you use a low pressure nozzle or a cannon? Thanks

had i guy call me he wanted me to do 10 outside inside and engine…

What do you mean? Sounds like a good problem have.

I was trucks for a living. For the back I use a degreaser that’s safe for paint and a soap called pink thunder a loli
Lil brushing and wash away. Just don’t let it it dry up. If thatt won’t work you gotta 2 step.