Desperately need help with this

I’ve never washed this before. I thought it was siding, sprayed it with bleach and now there’s streaks everywhere.

It’s some sort of wood, I don’t know if it’s cedar or what. How can I clean these streaks off without ruining the paint?

It’s still siding. Probably hardie board. Soap and rinse again without spraying up under the siding

Same ole soft wash or with pressure? Thank you

These chemical splotches will not come off. Any idea how to get those off?

Answer doesn’t change from the one I already gave you.


I would hit it with house wash again and rinse. Then try the same and agitate with a brush in a test area and rinse to see if it helps. Is it in one spot or whole house?

How old is your SH, what % wis it, what % did you apply to the house, and what did you apply it with?

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Just bought SH today, 12.5% not diluting at all. Applying with X-jet

Kind of scattered. I started by getting the gutters with gutter wash, then it left specks from what hit the siding and I have been going back trying to wash it off.
I’m thinking it’s not completely dry though. I confirmed that it is hardiwood, I’ve never washed this material before so I’m not sure what to expect

Not sure if it’s 100% of the problem but that’s way too strong of a mix. That’s about 6% SH hitting the siding. Normally you want to be around 1% if not lower. Hardieboard and/or Sherman Williams paint can also be a big issue. You’re going to have to take a test spot and see what solves it if anything.

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Wow, that might be your problem. You could almost wash a roof with that mix

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Did you have the siding wet before you started washing the gutters? Degreaser dripped onto paint isn’t just going to wash away. Might be time to have it repainted.

No I didn’t wet the siding. I had never used this before, I didn’t know I needed to. Is there anyway to fix it?

Also, the streaks in the first picture are from the SH. If I drop down to a weaker mix will it take that stuff out?

If the sh mix you used caused the streaks I would go ahead and reapply in hopes that it all evens out. No way would I normally recommend that strong of mix but it’s kind of a last shot before you have to hire a painter to paint the house. Actually, go ahead and start weaker and only try the stronger mix if the paint is faded where you originally washed it. You really only need a mix of about 1% or so for most siding.

What kind of “gutter wash” did you use? Good chance that caused damage to the paint as well. Some of the gutter brighteners remove oxidation. No matter what you’re washing you always want to wet down other areas that you aren’t using the same chem on. It’s no different than giving a deck or landscaping a quick spray before soaping a house with house wash mix. Same goes for wetting down areas before cleaning roofs. Before gutter brightening you should wet down all siding and especially windows because you never want chems dripping or splattering on dry surfaces and especially paint or windows.


Kinda strong for most roofs too.

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How were you applying the GG? Also xjet? How were you diluting this? You may be looking at a repaint. Give it some time to get more feedback. Like I mentioned your going to have try multiple approaches on a test spot in my opinion.

While I agree using undiluted 12.5% with Chet is too strong x-jet cannot do a 6% mix. It will give you 3% at most.

I used Krud kutter. Guess I learned a valuable lesson here. Thankfully only did front part of house so hopefully cost to repaint it won’t be much… sucks though that I’ll be spending money rather than making any and looking bad

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Was applying krud kutter through pump sprayer didn’t dilute it at all.

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