Descaled for the first time

Used 1 part muriatic acid and 2 parts water. Did 4 buckets worth of this until it finally came out clean. Rinsed for an hour with fresh water. Been a couple of days since and no leaks. Flushed out more black sludge after starting pressure washer. Where do ya’ll dispose of the waste? I’ve read about neutralizing the acid with baking soda. Just have it sitting in sealed buckets in the garage for now.


Dang, what is going on here?? Was this in your PW system?

Usually the heater coil on a hot water machine

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Hot water coil hasn’t been descaled since I got it. I always flush with cold water after use but since it’s been acting up with flames coming out the exhaust I figured it was time for some TLC. Have to pull the nozzles and clean excess soot off the coils still. Probably gonna pay someone to do that. Figured I could at least descale it so I did. That all came out of the coil.

ran solution with a 1gpm 12V pump I had laying around. Went through the jumper hose into the coil.

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I may have pooped the bed but the pants ain’t leaked yet.

Last night I noticed that when filling up my 35 gallon bleach mix tank (pre bleach) the water would come out yellow like urine. This wasn’t only a few gallons either. Water was perfectly clear in the main tank too. Even after running several hundred gallons doing dumpter it was still coming out yellow when rinsing out the bleach tank and soft wash pump.

Anything I can do to prevent this from worsening and eventually eating through the coil? I didn’t see any leaks yet. I’m running RV antifreeze into the system to inhibit further corrosion.

I think MPTexan said trouble only starts when you lube surface cleaners and descale burners or oil flush engines. Removes crud that was holding stuff together and breaks seals.

No bleach. Just yellow water

where the yellow water coming from? coil or main tank?

From the coil.