Degreasing Job I Wont Soon Forget


Thanks for sharing man. As a new guy myself, I appreciate you sharing all the info. Glad it all ended up working out, but hate you had a rough time with it.


Might be the most Honest video i have seen on this forum.

Seems like you will be not only a better buisness man, but an even better person after this job. Alot of ppl, myself included, get caught up into making $100-300 an hour… sometimes i hit my goal, other times i dont. What you have shown us is honest and straight forward. From the progress payment portion to the upfront cost, its great info.

Im glad, so to say, you went threw this debacle not for everyone but for yourself. Atick to the job you quote and move one.

How bout a video of that floor scrubber???


Quick video from a week ago showing how I did the work.


Thanks. This job was a huge departure from the typical for me. I think it taught me more than I can really explain (though I tried),as it dealt with many curveballs I didnt see coming.

One thing is for sure, I will seek more of this work now. I had labor (well paid) set up before the job started but they both backed out. That had a huge impact on the misery factor. The mental part of constantly trying to figure out a faster or more cost efficient way was wearing. The hours were long and lighting after 6pm was terrible.

I have no video of the floor scrubber. I meant to, sorry. The machine was a Tennant T20 40". I really dug it! Quality finish. I did a section with my surface cleaner and it was way cleaner that way but would have had to use the machine to get the water out anyways. The job didnt call for it either.

All in all Im glad for it. On the next one, my approach will differ greatly.


Thanks for taking the time ot make this video. I enjoyed it and paid attention to every word


If I may make a suggestion. Sit down and rewrite the contract. Not for this job but the next. All those lessons learned are fresh in your mind right now. Get them down on paper.


That is excellent advise! Meeting with attorney to draft a blank and walk me through the dos and donts.