Degreaser question

This is the stuff we use on the rig and I was wondering how it compared to the degreasers that everyone else uses. I was thinking about getting a bucket of it to use later.image|281x499

I got my colors switched on here the other day. I said pink was the degreaser but it was late at night and I was tired. I’m 99% sure almost every oilfield company uses the same blue stuff for degreaser and the same pink stuff as soap. That blue stuff is good. With heat it eats right through oil base. I’m looking into some stuff called Power Solve that my local chem supplier recommended.

How much a gallon (in concentrate) is that costing you?

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I have no idea. He just recommended it today so I started researching it some. I’ve always just used basic ZEP purple or orange degreaser and had good luck with it for the little I use it.

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Nothing really. I asked my pusher if i could have a bucket of it and he said yeah. We get it in 275 gallon totes so i thought I’d grab some to experiment with on oil stains and the like. I was just curious if some of the other degreasers out there were similar

The first three ingredients are what the basis of my in-home degreaser is. I usually add more Hydroxide.
22% hydroxide
8% butyl
2 cups TSP

For restaurant and drive-thrus it does the trick 90% of the time. If I have a stubborn stain then I hit it will a Hydroxide/EBC/Butyl/TSP mix that is bit hotter in a pump up (same recipe just decrease water volume some).

I run about $5/gal buying chems in bulk and home-mixing.

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Is your pusher cool? Maybe he’d overlook that tote going missing when it gets down to 100 gallons and just order a new one?

He was cool with a bucket each hitch. I’ve just about got him talked into letting have one of the empty totes. Wont need it for a while but maybe one day i will

Well that’s still free chems. Those totes are like $25 one time used so even if he won’t you’re not out much money.

@Patriotspwashing is that not the stuff you use?

HSC 400. Super hot. $278 for 55 gallon drum, No BS, get er done now degreaser.

What is shipping?

Ooh ooh I can answer this one!



Doesn’t Hydro Chem make Power Solve?

Good question. I have no clue.