Degreaser help

Ok, I had this really small job this morning. Guy lives in apartment has a parking spot, complex is mad because he has big oil/grease spot on his parking spot.

I have a cold water system,(small unit 3000psi 2.5 gpm) I used bleach, and put some kund kutter on it and let soak and scrubbed with a brush, then powerwashed and powerwashed and powerwashed… I was really unhappy with the results. The stain did not appear to be that old, still had what I would call fresh oil on it. The customer was fine because he saw how hard I worked to get it up best I could, and took pictures so he could tell complex he had it done.

Is there some product that you have found that work; for grease stains with cold water system that works good for you. I would like to keep some in my truck for tuff spots.

any input would be helpful…

Raymon Prince

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Hot water

Anything with lye will cut grease well; I second hot water!

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You need to learn what you can and can’t do so you can be a professional. Turn down what you aren’t capable of doing. Would you wanna hire a builder to build your house if he’s not capable of setting your trusses? I mean, it’s not gonna matter to you how hard he tried to get the trusses on the walls, if he doesn’t get them there, he failed. And he didn’t do the job you hired him to do regardless how hard he tried.

Oil stains need hot water to do a GOOD job and any research you would have done prior to accepting the job would have told you this. No amount of money is worth your reputation and looking like an incompetent amateur only out to make a buck.

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#1 I do pass on oil/grease stain jobs
#2 if I only was out to make a buck, I would not have came here for advice.
#3 I told the guy I was not going to be able to clean it real good before I started
#4 Sometimes while learning you have to see what you can and cant do, like take you for instance you think you are a word smith, but to be honest you were just trying to say look at me I have a hot water system aint I a big shot professional who thinks he can understand someone by reading one message.

lol actually I don’t have hot water! But what I do have is enough common sense to pass on jobs I know I don’t have the proper equipment to manage… if that makes me a big shot, I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.

And one last thing… there are other ways to learn that aren’t at the expense of your customer or your reputation.