Degreaser for soot?

I do mostly softwash and roofs but also some flat work with a crappy pressure washer. Have a brick house job coming up with a chimney that needs soot removal. Looking for a degreaser/cleaner i can get at Lowes or Home Depot. Recommendations please?

@Racer may have some ideas for you… but if you have a local PW supply place, you may be better off going there and getting a better product than you can usually get at the box stores.

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Try purple power from Walmart in a pinch….

I use Purple Power regularly, it’s pretty good stuff and super cheap, 2.5 gallons for $12

I find most of the time the black streaks on chimneys are organic and 3-4% takes care of it

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Yep, may have have to hit several times, but same here

Ditto. Hit that sucker.

You’re lucky. All the ones I get like that are like 40 feet tall, so I’m standing directly underneath trying to hit top with a roof mix and 1/2 of it coming back down on me, lol.


Yes, that definitely looks like organics on that chimney. But I’m talking about soot that accumulates at the TOP of the chimney from burning wood.

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A professional super concentrated all purpose degreaser i suitable for all issues pertaining to pressure washing services. The stuff at retail stores is deluted residential stuff. Try a product called k-88, from Malco.
Tall ladder & bug sprayer. Do not wet surface prior to treatment. Start from bottom-upwards. Spray as you go up ladder. Let sit a bit, but don’t let it dry.
Then pressure wash from top-down. This will clean ALL foreign matter in one easy treatment. Won’t take no time at all! Have fun!

Average chimney around here on a house is around 35’ tall. some more. Good luck with that process.

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