Degreaser, bleach, detergent/soap

can i mix degreaser, bleach and detergent/soap for a powerful roof wash. i tried them separately and till took more power then i wanted to use. im going for a soft wash and ended up having to power wash. in my opinion i also thing my soap was not enough or wrong kind.

If what you had trouble removing was organics, stronger SH is the answer. I’d be careful using much degreaser on asphalt roofs.

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thank you.and i used 12.5 maybe down to 10. thats pretty strong. the color of the roof did not lighten up until i pressure washed it. my problem was i didnt want to have to use such a strong pressure.

We’re you downstreaming? Usually you have to use direct application via 12v or other pump.

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i down streamed when i applied the soap mix and soap nozzle . let soak, then spray off with a 40 degree nozzle. but it didnt come clean. switched to 25 degree ( more pressure then i like) and it did come clean but not so easy.

You won’t get a strong enough mix for a roof by down streaming. You need to setup a 12v system.

Never power wash a roof.




That’s the problem. You’re only getting roughly a 1% mix hitting surface. You need around 3-4%.


Did you do any research on roof washing before attempting this? Was this your own roof or did someone pay you to do this?


thank you.

If the bleach isn’t strong enough you can always use a turbo nozzle or surface cleaner. Just go up and down, not left to right


Oh lord

Please tell me you took pictures. I hate to say it but you did that completely wrong and truly may have done some damage to the roof. I hope it was your roof. Where are you located? On a different note tell us about you what equipment are you using what you normally try to clean. Why did you do a roof wash not knowing how to do it?


This was the first message I saw opening up the thread again. Had to reread the entire thing as I had forgotten what was happening, and maybe I was missing something.
Nope. Smile and wave, boys. :smile:

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I’m sure the gutters now weigh 1000lbs as you blasted all the granules off the shingles and are now sitting in the gutters.

Degreaser on a roof? Downstreaming a roof? Like others said hopefully it was your own roof.

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Is this helpful, or sarcastic?


Wow! Can we delete this whole thread

The poster was one of the regulars nuts here with a new account. Just trolling