Deer jerky and weird bacon

I purchased an extended e250 and I am going to use it for work. There is a concern with fumes and ventilation. Would it be best to air seal the cabin to the best of my abilities and then place an vent on the roof in the back? This will be used for house washing so bleach/gas will be inside the vehicle.

Why am I not surprised that you are continuing to post…:man_facepalming: If you are real and really need the advice, do a quick search and you’ll find what you need.

I did do a search. I found people derailing posts and talking about food

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:+1: welcome to the PWRA. A place you clearly don’t belong. Now take a hike eh

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No you

Just keep the van running with AC on… that is all ventilation you should need.

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When the Canadians are telling you to leave, I think it’s time to take a hint…


You should 100% test it before you give it to one of your poor employees. Do yourself a favor sell it and buy a truck with a camper shell on it before you hurt someone

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my son spent five days in Canada and came back craving “real bacon”

Thread derailed. You’re welcome.


When the Canadians AND Alex are giving you hints you must’ve been a real goon. I only saw the post you called people mentally retarded.

You’ve been given hints by the nicest country in the world AND one of the nicest guys on this forum. Wild.

Note: Sorry Alex. Didn’t mean to reply to you. This bpower guy is who I was talking too.


I’m not knocking the bacon but we are getting ready to send 5 hogs to the market when I get it back we are going to cold smoke all the belly if you want real bacon and are willing to drive I might be able to ship it( I will have to do the research on that) let me know


That was pretty much what sealed the deal for me.

Defending his loads of poor advice didn’t help much, though. Like buying two Lowe’s machinces instead of a professional one.


Never actually said that. I said buy the surface cleaner with the wheels you are giving misleading information.

When I saw your reply I was like “DAAAANNNGGG!” You never do that. I knew this dude was two shakes and wink from a ban…

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How mature

I’ll take all you’ll send me and will offer deer jerky or bacon jam in exchange


Oh I love deer jerky I make that to but always willing to trade. I used to smoke some deer bologna for a guy it was so good unfortunately he passed away and took the recipe with him

Ate at a Brazilian Steakhouse a few nights ago…it was so good I can’t stop thinking about it ;>)

Or apple butter. My wife makes a awesome apple butter


I want to try one of those