Decra Stone coated steel tile roof


I bid on a house today and the customer accepted my bid. Not being a metal or classic shingle roof I began to do a little research to make sure there are no “speacial” way to clean this style roof.

As I began to read I see that there has been a huge problem with these tiles losing the coating off of them and the loss being revealed after being cleaned.

I also found a cleaning suggestion from the manufacturer and it says to use “Wet it & Forget it” and a couple other things that have SH in it.

Should I use a 50/50 roof wash or lower “%” of SH and just see how it goes?

I will be contacting customer to see how old the roof is and see if it falls within the problem years and what manufacture made his tiles.



If your nervous or unsure you can always spot test with a weaker mix and go back with a stronger one. If the replacement company recommends products with SH i would assume you would be just fine. I haven’t personally cleaned any of those roofs but i would test an area first if i was unsure. You can always go back with stronger.


It’s referred to as stone coated roofs.
They were to many junk manufacturers of it causing loads of class action law suits.
I found myself in one for over 4 years.
It’s not worth the risk.
The biggest problem is all the companies making stone coated roofs were bought out last year by one company. That company then destroyed 4million in product for the sole reason to eliminate the entire market.
If you damage the roof chances are good they is no material to replace it.
This information comes from a friend of mine that has been installing these roofs for over 25 years . He called me several months ago to warn me .


Yeah I was afraid off that. Everything I’ve been been able to read has said it’s been a nightmare.

Would it be worth the headache of getting him to sign a waiver to protect me or still just walk away?


Depends on your state . Waivers mean absolutely nothing here in Florida.


Still probably not worth the risk or headache


If it were me asking advice I’d do exactly what @florida_condo_cleani said. Sometimes you make more money just walking away.


I’ve heard that somewhere before :grin:




Yeah yeah. Ive read it a few times. It’s a lesson I’ve fortunately learned the easy way.