Deck Wash ~ Need advice

Hey there. I’m in a bit of a predicament with a wood deck I’m going to be washing. The client was bleaching his wood deck after it was getting mildew on it, went inside while he let the cleaner sit, and fell asleep before cleaning it off. So now the bleach has dried and the wood deck has this white “layer” on it. He’s shown me where he’s tried to power wash the wood and it came out okay, its kind of a large deck so he didnt feel like washing the entire thing :/. What are some things I can do to make this job look its best?

I’m sure everyone here will agree. Walk away. Easier money to be made. If you do take the job make it extremely clear and set the bar low. I’m no wood cleaning expert but fixing this is impossible. You’d have to apply the exact same damage he caused to the entire deck precisely outside of the damaged area. The best bet would to be clean it really well to prep it for paint. Or just live with the inconsistent results.


You’re probably going to need to post some pics if you want some real answers. It will help the guys who do a lot of wood cleaning better understand the situation and develop a game plan to help you.

That “white layer” is bleached out wood fiber, you’re probably not fixing it unless you sand it. You might try a small test with some oxalic but my guess is there is no natural color left in the wood. We need pics to help and you need to search and find the thread @Racer started on cleaning decks. You will find it very educational. If you’re going to stain it I can probably help you with some suggestions but search and read first.

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