Deck Restoration


Less than 4 months into starting my business I have done significantly more deck jobs than what I originally intended to. Here is one that I will be staining tomorrow. There was a little bit of finish left on this when I started and I’m not sure what sealer it was. The majority of it came off really nicely with F18 and a little pressure. The process was F18, scrub, rinse with 40 degree tip, Oxalic acid, rinse with soft wash tip. X-Jet 10% SH with a little Elemonator, dwell 10 minutes, rinse with soft wash tip, Oxalic Acid, rinse with soft wash tip, done.


That really looks nice


Thanks for the breakdown o.p. that looks fantastic.


Looks good. You could have combined the bleach and sodium hydroxide and saved a couple of steps in there but either way results look nice.


Didn’t know that, I will definitely do that next time. Thanks @Racer . I’m doing a redwood deck Thursday and I will take that advice.


Just go a little weaker, with both combined is a pretty strong combo, and can cause it to fir up. Don’t ask how I know, lol. Like on the deck above I prob would have started out with maybe a 2% mix and then added the hydroxide to it.


You would have to apply with a pump up sprayer or 12v right? I did purchase a 12x18 Clarke orbital floor sander to put the finishing touch on my deck restoration jobs so if it firs it up a little that’s ok.


yes, would need to with one or the other. Depends on how big a deck. I hate pumping though so if much at all I tend to use my 12v. If you don’t have one, what works well that you can just put in a wagon is one of those NT sprayer kits, like 25 gal deals. Has a little 2.2gpm sprayer which is perfect. Think you can get them for about $250 or less. They’re made to fit on 4 wheelers.


Decks are a fine line, do them wrong and they fur really bad, do them properly and the results can be amazing. Wood is by far my favorite thing to clean. I truly enjoy taking a filthy black deck back to it’s full golden beauty again.


Good to see you around again, hope the season has treated you good.


This is what experience and a learning attitude gets ya! and thanks for the tip usage info. :sunglasses:


great results! it takes time cleaning and restoring a deck properly! keep up the good work