Deck Restoration Albany NY

Here are pictures from a deck restoration we just completed in Albany NY. We used Armstrong Clark Rustic Brown semi transparent for stain.

That looks great. How much does an average deck restoration like that go for?

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That one was around 2.50 a sq ft

Hey Clark, looks good!

We are REALLY getting a lot of decks this year. We do not refinish them,
just prep or maintain them.

I feel like I could learn a thing or two though. If you do not mind I’d like to
ask a few questions.

1.) What do you use for a solution when stripping a wood deck like that? Does
the solution change if you are simply cleaning a composite deck?

2.) How do you charge for just “prepping” or “cleaning” the deck? I’m guessing the
$2.50 included the stain?

Thanks much in advance!

So do deck cleaning clients become repeats like say in window cleaning or is more of a one time thing or every couple years?

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Some do some don’t we went to this one for a deck quote up sold a house wash and roof cleaning. We recommend that the deck be cleaned every year and the flats have a maintinence stain every other year.

1 We use f18 for stripping decks. For composite decks we use our house wash solution on most of them.

  1. Prepping cleaning a deck the cost varies. Some are easy to do some are not. I’m doing a wood deck cleaning next week that’s .50 a sq ft. That includes flats and rails. We measure flat areas, stairs as length times width. Rails are lf times 7 to come up with the sq ft. Most people are shocked when they find out how many sq ft of railing they have. Different spindle types and their spacing also affect the cost. Also any skirting around the base of the deck.

Look great Clark!! I have a couple of questions about Armstrong Clark Stains. First off I know Jake pretty well. I see him and talk to him at functions. He also donated a $1000 when I was on the UAMCC convention Committee. Jake is aces.

Here’s the thing-- he was for years trying to get me to use his stain. Every year I would buy around 50 five’s of Cabot natural at my local paint Dep’t contractors show. I would the Fives at $30 under cost per each along with a free buffet meal and 2 drinks during the show. That’s where I came up with the idea at the UAMCC convention back in 09 to have the liquor/ soda served during the Convention show itself. People relax more when they drink and what better place to have it right in the middle of the show…

Anyway here is my questions because I’m tempting to talk to a large supplier in Jake Clarke behalf to see if they would pick up his stain line. This is for contractors mainly.
For me to get Jakes Stain I can get it around 2hrs away at Tom and Barb Vogles place
Where do you get yours and how much does the natural stain and other stains run you a gallon? Does he sell stain in the Fiver’s

Thanks John, I get the Armstrong Clark from ACR with shipping it runs me about $36.00 per gal when I get 10 gals at a time. Jake Clark is one of the best in the industry. Very easy to get ahold of and get along with. I have only used the semi transpaperent stains.

Nice job

Good Stuff Clark, love that AC