Deck Paint or Stain Removal

Sorry guys having a hard time finding a topic I can learn from so I’m reaching out, been turning down a lot of deck cleaning because I know nothing about it so any help would be appreciated here are a couple pics. Where would I start? I have a 4gpm. Cold. I also tossed in a couple pictures of their fence. Thanks


Do you look at the jobs and then turn them down? Or do you just tell them you don’t do decks? I’ve been having luck recently telling people that I only do solid color stains. For a long time, I imagined that all these people calling me about stripping decks wanted transparent stains. In reality, most people have old, crappy decks and don’t know the process or the lingo. Basically they just want a coat of paint, so stripping isn’t necessary. Or sometimes, once I explain how much easier it is to do a solid color, they suddenly want that.

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Walk away from stuff like that


Any stripping or paint removal…tie up your shoes and run. You will never meet with hourly labor rate goal doing decks.


I’d rather sell funnel cake at a truck stop. Never knew what that phrase meant exactly, but I did know it meant I’d rather do anything else. Stripping to pay your way through school or decks is always regrettable.

Like Instock said. Sub it to a painting company and they’ll put a solid color stain on after they wash it well it enough for you. Take 10% of the cut while you wash a house somewhere for $400 bucks and take the afternoon off to go fishing.


What exactly do they want to do to deck? And the fence? How about the newly built stuff on the deck?

With all do respect I disagree with the consensus. There is great money in deck cleaning and sealing. Those solid stains are easier to work with. Clean the deck than just re paint it if going back to a solid. If not sray stripper on in then p.w off and sand then re stain and seal. There is work involved but the payout is worth it


Should have just paid the guy that built all the handrail and fancy boxes a few more hundo to lay new decking.

On a side note, I was a diesel mechanic at the Trucl Shop!1e10!2sAF1QipNY6zBTOs6R3sVuMWPBdmm4J75OfneBKyYBn3Dj&viewerState=ga

I agree too, decks, fences.
Wood treating and staining are a gold mine