Deck cleaning and staining help

I have been asked to clean some decks and turned them down as I do not want to mess up there stuff I have long ago pressure washed a deck but I know now there are better ways
I want to do my deck which is big to see if I can do it correctly
what is the best chemical. I was told by my chem guy to use hood cleaner its green he said spray on rinse off no pressure
Want to ask before I do it also what is a good stain. Never has been. Stained is 3 years old. Also what is a good tape that won’t leave glue on vynil so I can put plastic up to protect everything that’s not wood. Thanks. Alot

Hi Baker.

Yea, that’s a lot of questions.

Some people think that it is rude to answer a fellows question by telling them to search.

Seeing how as I don’t want to be rude, I’m going to teach you how to search.

Google this; deck cleaning

Read up on it a bit and then ask away when you have questions.

I do hope that this was helpful.

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Hey Baker- Buy the blue tape at Home Depot for taping plastic sheeting to the vinyl siding. Blue tape leaves no residue and is easy to take off.

I don’t know if I read what you posted correctly because it looks like you said the deck was never stained but then you said the stain is 3 yrs old. Not sure what your saying there but either way what I would do is if the deck was never stained you could go with a light mix of HD-80 stripper which you spray on and then lightly powerwash the deck and then follow it up with a Brightner such as Oxalic or Citralic acid. If the deck has an old stain on it and it wasn’t a solid stain then just increase the strength of the stripper while applying. If no stain is on deck you could do above with a stronger bleach house mix but still use the Brightner afterwords. We personally don’t use bleach on wood.

Most importantly do what Tim is saying. Do a search and read away. Quickest way to learn.

Deck itself is 3 years old never stained

Not to sound like a jerk but I have searched using the search on this forum there is not alot of info on deck cleaning
I have read some that use f18 and f8 but dont say about overspray or how to let sit time wise just wanted some info I thought that is what this whole forum thing
Was about I also have searched about setting up buffer tank found very little info on that as well

But thanks for all of you for helping when you could I am not very computer savy so i will keep.searching

For instance i see know where anyone mention tape i thought it better to ask then to mess up vinyl with glue

Not to worry Mr. Baker, you’re doing fine.

Click this link and it will illustrate what I was talking about using google to search. Google searches result in a much deeper response than anything the forum software can produce.

Click for an example of a google search

Even the way we title posts on the forum affect the search results. For instance, you used “deck cleaning and staining help”. That is great because we know that many people in the future are going to have the same question and when they put “deck cleaning” in the search bar here, they will probably see the thread that you started. And hopefully they will find the answers they need.

I am glad that you asked the question because not everybody goes to the trouble of asking when they can’t find what they want.

We’re good, don’t stop asking questions.

As for stain I’d go with Bakers Grey away or Ready Seal. As far as taping stuff off I use Frog Tape. A good wood cleaner is F 18 & followed up with F8 ( a neutralizer & brightener). Try to brush it all in for good penetration. Only spray the hard to reach pita places. The Wood Pros is a forum dedicated to wood cleaning if you wanna check it out.

John Devine.

Thanks man

MySupplier.US has two manuals ($10.00 each) that tell how to remove any coating or paint from a deck.

What i think i will do is order f18 and f8 from Mr.Bob and try it
I know to spray it on but should i use pump up sprayer or downstream worried about chemical hurting or staing vinyl
Then do i let it sit any time or just rinse right off should i use my tip i use for low soft wash pressure or water hose thanks again