Deck Cleaning 101

Wow… I pay like $25+ for 2lbs…

Where do you order from?

If we ever really do this meetup thing I say we all order @Max1 a truckload of chemicals to take back and share with his Canadian friends.


All hydrochems chem come in 6 gallon buckets of liquid, except HF,HF is shipped in a 55 gallon poly drum because it’s to dangerous to mix and against fed regulations to mix without the proper facility and a license , but the other chems we then mix it ourselves in 55 gallon drums. If you buy 1, 6 gallon pail it’s $150 to ship. But if you buy 32 ,6 gallon buckets at one time it’s still $150 to ship. That’s how they get ya. So the Harry homeowners can’t afford it and it drives them away. But us fellas get good chemicals for the fraction of what others sell for. Just got to buy in bulk.So 32 buckets yields you 1760 gallons of concentrate that we dilute down to 25:1 up to 50:1.


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I order oxalic from Florida Labs but usually via Amazon. It’s about $3 a pound but can get it for less if you order more.

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Had one but they screwed me on a order a while back. Told them to shove it lol. Haven’t bothered looking since

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Great info!

I’ve found even a better way to do wood decks.

Step 1) Don’t do wood decks


Are you storing all of this in your new office/man cave? Or do you have an actual shop?

Bookmarked, thank you sir. Just used your Trex deck advice yesterday. Edit: That was to @racer, it didn’t redirect back for some reason.

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See you will use up that bag of ox before you know it

Shop, 40×60 .

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Better make sure ya’ll safety Sammy and what nots,belt guards etc,etc

$1200 to $2000 an acre here. Pretty reasonable

It’s a 1500 sq ft cookie cutter house. I don’t even have to get on the roof and will probably only take my 6ft ladder. He’s a cool guy and they’re just a broker. My actual insurer is out of Texas. But, yes, always on my P’s & Q’s anyhow!

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Good job Max. This is what I’m looking for. Looks good. Getting ready to start deleting some irrelevant posts.


I use Citric anytime I can. Better for the environment.


Oops. I completely forgot that this was supposed to be an educational thread. Please feel free to delete all of my non related posts. We really should create a series of “sticky” threads that can be agreed on and then locked and still remain at the top of the home page.


@DisplacedTexan and @Hotshot - Please keep it on topic friends. Remember this is an educational thread for other contrators.


Thanks @Racer. Much appreciated.

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