Deck cleaner at Lowe's


Anyone ever use this? Any luck? A friend just informed me of the closeout sale.


I looked up the MSDS on it and its 5% SH. So doesnt seem worth it to me.


I was wondering. I obviously didn’t check that out.


The Lowes website didnt say what it had in it. When you go to the manufacturer’s website they don’t tell either. But, when you look at the MSDS for it on the manufacturer’s website, it tells all. In fact, SH is the only ingredient in it. At retail of $19.99 they were making a killing!


When in doubt. Always look up the MSDS.


I have used it,
Works good.
cant beat that price.


Yall are old​:joy::joy: msds change to SDS in 2012.


Ya but you get a free 25% more!! Lol


$5 a gallon is pretty steep for bleach


Listen youngin. I’ll have you know that when you were still drooling I…I…I…I forgot what I was saying. Damn I’m feeling old


That’s what I was thinking. Especially closeout stuff that didnt sell in the first place. Good chance it’s even weaker.


Im buying it in 5 gallon buckets since im just starting out and doing family,friends and neighbors houses. Its $20 for 5 gallons of 12-16 percent but come next spring when im locked and loaded itll only be $105 for a 55 gallon drum of it.


well…it has other chemicals too.
I have used it before and it has got me out of a bind.
and it worked good.


Heck i used zep mold and mildew remover yesterday to clean our nasty bathrooms at work(there are 2 drains for the water) was using our store use 2.2gpm 2500 psi simpson and it burned my eyes and lungs. Had a 48inch fan blowing for the engine fumes. Not sure what is in that stuff but it did clean up the mess. People are disgusting not sure how people can get poop and pee all over the place​:joy::joy::joy::joy: retail sucks



CORRECT, as of 2012 we are on the Global Harmonized System (GHS) and they are now called SDS’s. Of course this GLOBAL harmonized system is great because it’s GLOBAL…except every country got to pick and choose which parts to adopt, and no two picked the same parts, so all the SDS’s and labels are still different and all sorts jacked up, but hey at least we now have universal pictures for “it will hurt if you spill it on you!”