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I’ve done tons of reading… I’m looking for confirmation. This is my first deck. 14 stairs, 2nd story, 140 balusters, top platform main area is 120 sqft. Total with stairs and underside is about 800 sqft. When you charge for the sqft are you guys doubling the cost for the underside? I’m thinking $3 to $4 sqft?? Do you guys recognize any potential issues seen in the pics that may surprise me?

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Does the customer want you to clean and stain the underside? I"ve never been asked to do the underside, most folks don’t ask for it, so I wouldn’t know how to price for it. Anyway, $3-4 a sqft is a little high IMO. I charge $1.75 a sqft + cost of stain. But from the looks of the pictures, everything looks fairly simple.

They want the underside done. So your 1.75sqft is for stripping and staining? I actually gave them the quote for $1.75 sqft. Wouldn’t the stripper run down the underside and make it look uneven or weird?

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most folks don’t worry/care about underside. but I would probably add to the price if I had to strip and stain underside. That will be messy in all aspects. you have to spray the stripper/brightener up there. spray it off(soaking yourself and everything else) and then stain it all the while trying to not drip stain everywhere. I imagine it wouldn 't be fun and very time consuming. Maybe some of the experts could comment and let you know more.

My thoughts exactly. It’s stained already. Underside looks great of course. So they kinda have they expectation already off it looking finished. That’s why I was gonna add in the PITA price…hence the $3 to $4 . Too late now though …however I did calculate every grain of wood for pricing to make up for it. :slight_smile:

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How did this turn out? I’m quoting one today that I don’t want to do. Lol

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Ended great. Customer was more than happy. I professionally explained that a thorough cleaning was best for the underside.