Deciding on which PW

For a guy just starting out wanting to do residential homes,driveways, sidewalks and fences I am having a little trouble deciding on a PW. I was leaning heavily towards the Pressure Pro 5.5GPM, 3500 PSI, Honda GX630
Pump: HP. In searching more and more, I came across the Pressure Pro 5.5/2500 psi Honda GX390 GP pump…at about half the price. I have read here that a couple guys are using this unit and am looking for some pluses and minuses. I have read that a 3500 psi machine is too much for some concrete and I would have to change nozzles on a surface cleaner to tone it down (no big deal) but it has me wondering if I really need the 3500 psi? I have learned that gpm is more important than psi. Am I just losing the ability to hit higher places? I understand the overall cleaning units are lower but seeing as how the chemicals are doing the cleaning (not the pressure), I am wondering about the trade offs. Better pump? Engine? Is it worth the price difference or should I put the savings towards other equipment, marketing, etc?

Until you can go 8gpm with Honda gx690 I’d stick to the 5.5 with gx390. I converted two Dewalts I’d picked up that have that engine and it works just fine for what you’re talking about using it for.


Plus 1.

Reaching heights requires GPM and the right tips. Pressure won’t make a difference with that. Low pressure shooter nozzles will perform 100x better than high pressure tips.

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Yes if you’re just sticking to residential it’s hard to beat the 5.5/2500 machine for the price. I converted my gx390 this year to a 5.5 and it works great for house washing and residential concrete…definite upgrade from a 4/4

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I just went to home depot and bought a 4gpm 4200 psi dwalt pressure washer to start with. I got it on sale with a 3 year warranty for about $1200. I tried it out on my front driveway and it ripped the paint off. So definitely not good concrete stained driveways, but Im sure attached to a surface cleaner it should be pretty good. I would test the machine before offering to do a paying customers house. You do not want to damage it on accident. Good Luck

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The 5.5 2500 machine is a good option.

If you don’t do a lot of jobs you might get two seasons out of the Dewalt. The warranty isn’t any good. $300 more you can get a better machine from the recommended dealers on this forum

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