Dealing with theft

Yesterday I was In a questionable development, did the estimate from google earth. When I arrived I felt nervous about my trailer getting robbed while I was around the back of the house. I’m a one man show with an enclosed, guess its locks and chains. I know the ez answer is, don’t go there again. Maybe I need a Pitbull with a tow chain.

Was it still connected to your vehicle? I keep mine hitched to the van.

On a side note, what do you use to keep your door open? Wind keeps blowing mine closed, I need to rig something so it stays open.

Yeah I stay hooked up, but the ramp is down and door is open. I don’t mean the whole trailer.

Harbor freight sells fake cameras for cheap.

I know cops in bad areas who say it’s common for back pack blowers and weed wackers to walk from landscape trailers. They say you need to keep a guy in the truck if you want to work in those neighborhoods.

Years ago when we first got started my brother was on a job around the back of the house and hose went limp. They disconnected the trailer and took it. Must not have been thier first time they let machine run until ready to go. That’s part of the reason we work out of pick up trucks now.

There’s hitch locks you know?

While hooked the hitch receiver gets a lock, and the trailer does also…

Locks only keep honest people honest

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I don’t understand your point…

So now you only use a pick up truck to avoid the pressure washer being stolen? Hate to break it to you but they can also steal that truck pretty easily, it solves nothing! Just like lock right??

Haha no I dont only use a pick up truck. But we do wash some apartment buildings in some shady places and when we go we take the truck and not the trailer. Yes they can steal truck. Yes locks help. That was just my experience and what we decided to do. Haven’t had any problems since. Yes it could happen tomorrow but truck at least has a GPS tracker. I understand everything can bypassed I guess it’s just piece of mind. The way I figure it is harder to hide a big white truck whith company logo and a GPS tracker than a trailer.You gotta do what works for you. But whatever you do buy good insurance

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Make you one of these in full uniform. Make it look like hes looking at his phone. Put him in the driver seat for any sketchy jobs.

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Haha can you imagine a employee that is never late never has to go to the bathroom and never needs a new uniform