Dead grass and dirty drips

I wasn’t sure where to post this, so here it is. I washed a house yesterday and after I left the owner called me and stated there were dirty drip marks on 3 sides of the house. So I went back to rinse again. The marks came back, so I rinsed with less pressure thinking I was getting water up under the siding. We talked tonight and there are still some marks on the siding but what really got me was that my pressure line killed some grass. I used an extra 35 foot line that I don’t normally use and didn’t even use any of my HW mix, just straight water. How could my pressure hose kill the grass in just 1 place when I was moving it all over the yard to get 3 sides of the house? It didn’t sit in one place long. I guess a 2nd question would be how to get rid of the dirt drips on the vinyl siding?

Hot water? Do you wipe down hose as you roll it up?

Nope, only used cold water. I don’t have hot water PS.

That’s messed up.:flushed:

I’d be out there with a can of green spray paint.:laughing: Don’t judge, they do it in Kalifornia.

But hey, curious. When my hose is pressurized there’s NO way it could make those bends. Mine is just large loops.

It almost looks like something leaked out a chemical on the grass rather than a hose doing that.

It must have been when I first laid it out, before I started the PW.

I can’t even see that man, my 1 wire is flexible but can’t get it to bend like that.

But I’m new, I’ve been wrong many times.:laughing:

You do have a point. The 35ft hose definitely couldn’t make that bend because it’s a pretty thick hose, but my 100ft hose is a little thinner and lighter, so I think it could have. It may have not even been from today. It could have been from yesterday when I was there washing the house. Regardless I’m going to fix their grass, i just want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Any ideas for the dirty drip like marks?

You have pictures? Sometimes there are stains behind the dirt and algae and when you wash you uncover them. Most likely was from you. Fan spray hw mix and can spray rinse. No streams pushing up.

I always tell folks that the weep holes will drip after I leave and if they leave a stain that doesn’t rinse itself off in the next rain to call me back.

Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures. I thought I had read on here to let it rain before going back but I wasn’t positive. There was no algae, just “traditional grime” as I call it. Its supposed to rain for a week straight starting tomorrow so I won’t be going back till that stops to fix the grass anyways. If the marks are still there, I’ll rewash and rinse with as low pressure as I can. Thanks for a bit of your knowledge. I swear, you have at least 1 comment on every thread on this forum :slight_smile:

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On your final rinse, just do a lite fan spray as Chris suggested. I always walk around the house with a rag before I leave and look for any. If you’ll notice, most the time they’re down low or around the jams on a vinyl house. I have unrolled before and hit a side with a lite mist coat if I see too many. The more you do the more you’ll figure it out.