Darla from Joe Walters Insurance will be at the PWRA Convention in Bethlehem PA!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Just wanted to alert everyone that Darla Renk from our office will be present at the the Pressure Washing Seminar and Education convention this weekend! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to personally meet and talk with one of our licensed agents. Stop by and say HI to Darla at our JDW booth.


That’s it. I’m getting off the computer and heading to Bethlehem.

Anybody else?

That’s funny Tim! Just letting everyone know one of the agents will be there. We always get asked if we are attending and who will be there. Just sharing the news.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with or meeting Darla but there are lots of members who rave about her so I’m excited for everyone!

She is just as excited to get out and meet everyone too!

Actually, I was serious. I was getting ready to walk out the door on my way to Bethlehem. I decided to check PWRA one more time and so your timing was perfect. But now I’m driving and talking to text so I have to hang up. :slight_smile:

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Love to be there but have a family event to attend to. If this PW event is anything like last years, the place is going to rock!!

Met her tonight. Lovely

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Darla is a sweetheart and great to deal with. I wish I could have been there to meet her. I do expect to go to dinner again with Joe Walters come November and if that happens I will pass on to him the great Job JW agency is trying to do for the PWRA members.