Dark Homes

Doing some research I have come to find that many professionals are a bit apprehensive about soft washing a dark colored home.

What are some precautions you would extend to those soft washing a dark home?

What have you found to be the best method for successfully soft washing a dark home?

Best method? Don’t wash brown, black, red, blue or green.

If you feel the need to wash those homes then go very light on the SH and never let anything dry. Ever.

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There is never a need to wash a house of those colors

Pretty much my methodology. I have washed a couple of blue and brown houses and been just fine but there are definitely risks that other colors don’t have.

I’ve seen the siding come out a lighter color post wash. The sh seems to make the oxidation more noticeable and appear to be lighter in color. It’s even more noticeable whem looking at an angle. If your going to do it put a warning in writing that such and such is possible so the customer knows what to expect.

Black homes? Who the hell has a black home (unless completely covered in mold)?

I’ve seen a lot of them lately.


Believe it or not its becoming more popular. I sold the paint for a 2500 sqft brick home, and they are painting 2/3 of it black…

Citrus house wash or cut your house wash in half only do one side at a time. If it has white soft you can use your regular just make sure siding stays wet and rinse it (water falling) like it’s the first house you washed by yourself

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I see black gutters and soffits and vinyl over entryways every day. Black garage doors are commonplace on the “modern” style homes. Black aluminum trim is everywhere nowadays. I’ve even seen black stained concrete patios.

Are we talking vinyl or painted?


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So if you all turn the job down, what do you say so that it comes across as professional as well as keeping the door open for future work with the customer?

I haven’t been in this situation yet but I imagine something like…

" Sir/ma’am I’ve finished my walk around site assessment and ive noticed a few things we need to talk over. Your deck has some boards that really should be replaced, but I can easily clean it. I’m more concerned with your siding, in my experience and the experience of other respected washing professionals, cleaning colors like brown blue red and green tend to produce suboptimal results. Some of the issues i/we have seen is pronounced streaking, sheen irregularities, and oxidation issues. In my opinion you might be better served leaving it as is, and allowing me to wash your other areas. "

So like the above just with correct spelling and punctuation…


There are enough customers in the world that if one or a hundred never calls you back it won’t matter. Just tell them that the color may flash and you won’t clean it


I’m not picky, just careful. I live in FL so it’s a freaking color pallet of homes. I’ve done almost every color, except black. I do educate the customers on the oxidation but never a problem so far. I don’t soft wash, I downstream every house. I stay far enough when applying the mix to not agitate the oxidation. Don’t let dry and don’t use wand to rinse…I use my ball valve to do so while also keeping a good distance. If your mix did the job, there’s no need for pressure. Good luck!

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We dont all turn them down. Like I said cut mix in half rinse well you will be fine


I couldn’t fathom going to my customers and say ,Sorry sir ,we can wash your whole fleet , except for the dark ones… competition :grin:,
Customer :-1:
Me ,:crazy_face:


Yeah, we have a ‘planned’ community of upscale homes slammed together like sardines and most of the Hardie board is colored. Kinda ups the pucker factor.

Is it actual hardi board alot of that has a baked on finish. We have alot of those communities around us.