Danau pumps

these are the chinese pumps you see on ebay…that CANPUMP is putting their name on…like the 4.6 gpm 3600 psi

appear like General knockoffs.

here is a teardown of a larger unit… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oJeES6uUv4

15 series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cypj5piE0lo

shop tour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPg0FtL5r7g

cnc production. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bok5zJOtTog&list=PLlRb-iGI82zOKYqsgG1I8p8SPmWdObpWS

outsourcing of production spawns new production eh?

@mustang I’ve been given one 3 years ago, I was so embarrassed to have it on my truck i put a cheap lifan 13hp behind one and upstreamed SH on large parking lots and driveways with it hoping ide kill it fast, I still use it to this day and have a go kart frame for the lifan 13hp but the pump doesn’t want to die. I’m not saying buy one, but they work? Otherwise I’m a UDOR man myself, just absolutely bulletproof, bolt on and forget.

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To be fair I do rinse it with fresh water for 20 seconds just to not feel like a complete careless prick.

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I hear Ya Muscle. Watching the cnc production…

Im not going to the outsource debate…and capital investment that went to china…and left the USA with industrial wastelands…Im just looking at the process and the product.

Boy…they going to take some market share. Many majors taught them…now they are going to run.

sure do look like generals…but Im no expert…im fairly new into pressure washers. I know that LIFAN engine is a Honda clone and many have had success with them.

4.6gpm @3600 psi is a sweet spot…yes?

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@mustang I wasn’t embarrassed that they were Chinese I was embarrassed as a contractor to have such crap right next to my UDORS and Honda’s, didn’t look right. The lifans I find are good little motors for general uses and from what I’ve seen and heard can last many many hours if looked after (there really isn’t much to go wrong in these motors unless you got a lemon right out of the box), but I wouldn’t pay my bills with them same goes for the danau pumps.

They have their machining down and I bet they are doing pretty well with their forged brass manifolds but I just saw they are thermal spraying a ceramic coating on the plungers. Packing with Parker U seals great but about that ceramic coated plungers you cheap @#$& I guess they have their place but it wouldn’t be with me