Damn, spun a rod bearing today

On the way to a job this afternoon I spun a rod bearing in my EcoWash truck!
I’m not sure what I’m more pissed off about the fact that I spun a rod bearing and the motors a boat anchor, or the fact that I just got the damn thing stickered up with my logos!
This is the 4th motor I’ve had put in this dang Dodge…its got almost 300,000 on the dash…what to do what to do?..

On a side note I still managed to drive it home without any problems…ran like a champ…just sounded like crap…Knock knock knock all the way home…
I might just drive it till it lets go lol
I’ve had this thing for 12 years or more

What is causing the problems with the engines?

He said it here. Lol just kidding good luck.


Are you putting used motors in it? You almost have to be. For the money and time you have in used motors you could have had a long block installed brand new with a 3-5 year warranty.

I’m in the same situation right now with a car I don’t drive. One of my pilot cars had a stretched timing chain. So I had a used motor put in it. Well the new used motor won’t “talk” to the car correctly and will not stay running. It’s a 2013 for fusion titanium.

Long story short I’m into a used motor 3 grand and the car still doesn’t run. Ford gave up on it and told me to come pick it up.

That’s the last time I will ever install a used motor.

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@JimLuke @SchertzServicesLLC yep I’ve been putting used motors in…this time I thought I had a winner…the donor truck had 50,000 miles on it and was a light roll over…i had the shop put a new oil pump,and water pump on it and had them clean out the oil pan and changed out all the fluids… no idea what happened to the motor just like the last ones went in a weird time I was on the interstate doing 50 miles an hour in the slow lane with my trailer and all of a sudden it just started rattling

What oil you running? Do you have a clogged oil cooler and are boiling the oil? If it has one?

Ground problem, Im just saying as a chevy I have started saying the throttle pedal wasnt talking to the computer. So I put a battery cable to replace the ground wire to the frame. Bingo.

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4.7 or 5.7? The 4.7 has LOTS OF design flaws, major sludge issues. That being said, I bought one new in 07, and ran it to 225k never one problem. All interstate miles, changed the oil @ 5k every time and it always looked like asphalt.

@SchertzServicesLLC @ShinedUP…oil has been the problem every time not lack of it it builds up a sludge in the oil pan for whatever reason and when I tore them apart every single one of them has let go due to sludge in the oil pan blocking up the oil pump

And over the years that I’ve had this truck I’ve literally tried different oils and it doesn’t seem to matter even synthetics eventually break down and cause this crazy sludge these trucks make

Yep it’s a 4.7

Oil sludge is normally from a faulty PCV valve. Changing the PCV and switching to high-mileage oil will usually solve the problem, well it won’t solve the problem you have now, unfortunately.


Easy fix… Buy a Toyota! smile:


Yodas have there place for sure. But it’s not pulling around a double axle steel trailer with 3k of crap on it full time…

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Thats what pulls my 16ft trailer with a ton of stuff on it. Its an 04 limited with 210,000 miles on it and it still drives like new. Granted I maintain it religiously, but it has never let me down.


I don’t know man. Mines 18’ and I had an old tundra ,it pulled it, but it didn’t like it very much. Good on you though. Best of luck

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Get ya a 2002 F150 4 door with a 5.4 and put 400,000 miles on it. Collect check, go home.


My 2006 5.4 only has about 150k. I’d be happy with another 200k. :grin:

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Get a Chevy with a 6.0 there’s plenty of good fleet vehicles out there used. They can handle lots of miles. Ask me how I know

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My last Silverado had the MIGHTY 4.8L V8 with the 4 speed transmission and 2WD. I worked that truck every day pulling trailers, hauling gravel, etc. from the day I bought it with 30k miles until I stopped doing manual labor at 130k-ish miles. It ran like a top all the way until I traded it in on my new Silverado. It had 190,000 on it at that point.

My new truck gets 18mpg on the highway loaded down with my 16ft tandem axle trailer and stays in 4cyl mode about 80% of the time and only kicks into 8cyl for hills and passing. Unloaded I get 22.9.

My next truck will likely be a diesel GMC but I’m waiting to see what the new GM heavy duty gas motor does in the real world.

It sounds like it’s time to retire that Dodge, amigo!