Dairy Coolers

Anyone ever clean dairy coolers? I was contacted by a manufacturer that makes yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. and they want the insides of their coolers cleaned. Coolers will be off and defrosted so freezing isn’t a concern. They want walls, ceilings and floors cleaned.

The only thing that’s on any of these surfaces is a thin layer of a “soot like” coating that rubs off with your hand. They are having a quality audit done next month and want them cleaned. They have never been pressure washed.

My initial thought is to Dow stream EBC 10:1. What do y’all think?

I’d pass. Interior work sucks. No matter how well you tape off electrical stuff water will get in. Are there floor drains or will you be squeegeeing and chasing water all over?


They have floor drains

I have done several for the farmers market in atl, downstream with sh and rinse, I have them cover and tape all electrical, but occasionally a light will pop a breaker. They cover the refrigerator fans as well, bring a mask and goggles, the sh in that enclosed room gets pretty strong. They always had a crew there squeegeing water when i finish.

Thanks for the feedback. We actually started the coolers this past weekend. We have 3 left to do. We are downstreaming EBC and it’s working great. Maintenance covered all of the electrical.

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