Dairy Barn Interior

Anyone here ever washed the interior of a barn? Did a house the other day and was asked to take a look at their barn.

If I decide to do it it’ll be a learning experience. Just curious if anyone else has done this. Could be a good opportunity as dairy farming is big in my area.

See pics, ask is to clean the walls and ceilings.

Thinking I’d need hot water for this.

That looks fun!

For that job you will need heat to make things go faster, a good degreaser and SH

I would personally, hit everything with degreaser first using an X jet get all that caked on doo doo off, once off I’d down stream some SH to help whiten and disinfect all the areas you are cleaning.

Don’t underbid there’s a lot of work to do on that project

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Old cow poop can take a bit of pressure to get it moving. A lot dirtier than ones I’ve done so not much help sorry

Never done one myself but id be worried of potential health risks. Im a germaphobe though. Full out hazmat gear i picture wearing

I’ve done a big garage before and my main questions are: where are the drain lines, where do they run to, and do they work. The last garage I did they went to a ditch that went directly into a creek stocked with fish. You may want to work towards the drains, if the ground slopes that way. I briefly worked on a farm before, so I would want to make sure you aren’t shoveling ■■■■ too, just spraying water so to speak. IF you got to shovel that place out I would walk away. They should have a skid steer and a manure bucket.

i agree, they need someone to remove most of the solids. or you could pay someone to remove solids 1st and include it in bid.

I’d pass on it but if you’re hurting for work then go for it. A few guys with squeegees and a couple machines running and you could probably knock it out fairly quickly.

I wouldn’t even worry about using chemicals. Chances are they won’t really do much and also you have to be careful about what chemicals you introduce into an environment like that. If those are producing dairy cows you don’t really want them picking up any contaminants.

Turbo nozzle will probably be your best bet.

Make sure you wear PPE. Face shields at a minimum. You don’t want to know the bad stuff you can run into when fecal matter gets into places it shouldn’t be.

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If you do take the job please wear as much ppe as you can. Tyvek suit and a full face respirator would be good. Like texan said it gets hairy around manure and bird droppings

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