Customer Slow Pay

Did a fence , deck, pergola & gutters for this lady yesterday. She stated when the quote was given that she would be out of town but agreed to upon completion. I sent her pictures along with an email invoice. She responded with Great Job! But did respond to the text about payment. I saw that she read it but no response. Should I be patient ? Or what’s my next step if she doesn’t pay? I’m sure some of you guys have run into this ,give me some advice please!

Be patient. Send a friendly reminder in 2 weeks. Then a friendly phone call at 4 weeks. If she hasn’t paid after 6 weeks, come back here and do a search for collecting late payments.

But I bet you she’ll have it paid by the end of the week without any intervention from you.


That’s funny as I read this message I got a notification that she just paid, I was just being paranoid because I got Burt last week on a customer who wrote two bad checks.

Writing a bad check is a criminal offense that is punishable

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That only applies to goods or services and I forget the dollar amount here in Texas

@Mason7288 Yes certainly, “once burned by milk you will blow on yogurt” :slight_smile:

Isn’t pressure washing a service?


Umm yes I was just clarifying as someone could have read your statement and assumed it’s a criminal offense to write a hot check for a used refrigerator

Now I’m curious because wouldn’t a used fridge be classified as a good?

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With a broad enough definition, I’m having a hard time thinking of anything that doesn’t fall into one of those two categories…:thinking:


Rent? Or maybe interest?


A gift. Happy birthday Alex …I’ll send you a $100 check (;


The force is strong with this one!

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Bought a used dishwasher off of letgo for $200 was told it worked all stainless mint condition. Got home spent about 4 hours running a line to the breaker box and hooking everything up. Wont get power spent the next day messing withit and took it apart to find out it was missing most of the wires inside and the motherboard. Went straight back to his house and he won’t even open the door no matter what i said :smirk:. Contacted a friend who is a attorney and he said not much i could do and i could take him to court but it wasn’t worth it for $200. He told me a story of when he bought about $1000 worth of used tires for his dually and they had bubbles in the sidewall that he didn’t notice till he put ait in them. The guy told him to blow wind whenever he called and asked for his money back.

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You would think you’d be able to get him arrested for fraud or something as long as you still have proof of the ads on Letgo. If not I don’t think I could let that one go. I’d probably go take his kid or something…lol…jk… Hopefully a scumbag like that doesn’t have any kids.

Nobody wanted to do anything about it. Wife called the cops and they pretty much told us to eat the loss. He wouldn’t come outside i was going to put him in the dishwasher and tape it up.

Follow up on the bad checks, The guy actually texted me today saying how dare I turn him into the county. He stated he’s out $1000 now! Said he would never recommend me to anyone. When I texted the guy he just said oh yeah I saw that when I mentioned that his checks bounced never offered to pay anything else. Did not give me a credit card number. Now he’s mad because he broke the law and is going on a tangent. I have not responded to him yet my first reaction was to go off on him. I think I’m just going to say that it’s company policy to turn in all hot checks to the authorities.


What happened to @Jrod comments on beating a guy up with a stick ??? It disappeared

I’m sure one of the mods or @Innocentbystander stepped in to get that out of here. While I don’t necessarily disagree with vigilante justice, this is not the forum to discuss or promote it.


What in the world goes on in the Appalachian mountains lol