Customer Service - Flexzilla

As many of you know I’m a big lover of the Flexzilla hose and have been using probably 3 years now. I recently upgraded my incoming water lines to 3/4" from 5/8" a few weeks ago. When my new hose came in and I put on reel noticed the swivel where it connects was extremely hard to turn and in fact you had to actually turn hose to get it to screw onto a spigot. I didn’t worry about for a few days thinking it was just crimped a little too tight or was a burr where it had been machined and would get better in a few days.

I finally went online to their support page and sent in a request one night. I got back an answer the next day asking for proof of purchase and a picture with the number on the side of the hose. I submitted that along with a 30 sec video showing me trying to turn the swivel end. I didn’t hear anything for a few days, so sent an inquiry to the person who had responded. I was told that 2 new 3/4" 100’ hoses had been sent to me. Came in last week and they work perfect. Can’t beat that for customer service.


I may have to do the same thing. Mine is hard to turn without turning the hose as well. Did you get to keep both sets of hose?

I never had any trouble with my 5/8". Yes I offered to send them back but they told me to dispose of as I saw fit. So I disposed of one in my front yard and one in my backyard at the dog kennel.


Hahaha come up @Racer. I have flexzilla only the 5/8 but still the best hose I’ve ever seen or have owned as far as weight flexabiltiy and easy to maneuver. All I did was search best garden hose in search bar and I seen you talk about it and I ordered it.

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