Customer said I pushed the soffit in

I stood on the ground, shot with 5gpm shooter tip to clean the second-floor soffit. I don’t think it had that much pressure to “push the soffit in”.
Will head back tomorrow the check it. It was a very tricky area, and I don’t think I have the right ladder system to get there to “pull it back”.
Any suggestions?

If you did it–fix it. If you can’t fix it yourself then pay someone who can. Your business is your name and reputation. Don’t let money soil either of those.


Yeah don’t deny it, tell them you’ll get it fixed.

It’s probably the cheap vinyl soffit. A good wind can push it out of place if you have 24 inch overhangs. Very possible you did it. Rent a bigger ladder or pay a reputable handy man to repair it.

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Any tips to prevend something like this in the future?

To prevent things like this happening avoid doing any sort of contracting or maybe any work whatsoever.
Just joking, things can and will go wrong and sometimes it is not your fault at all. Refer to ‘Murphy’s Law’

Just fix and move on , but as u perform repair take note of damage and judge whether you were the cause and if so make adjustments in future .


Try not to spray straight into it at a 90 degree angle. If you are back away from the house and split the stream on the corner of the bottom of facia you can spray the facia soffit and shoot some behind the gutter all in one shot.

It’s never happened to me. But it’s one of those things that can happen. I’ve seen plenty flex.

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I don’t own a shooter tip. Just a common j rod. Doesn’t the shooter tip make it a pretty solid stream? Could be your problem.

Apply more chemical in multiple applications and use an m5ds to adjust for lower pressure. Shooter tips have a place too though. My 2cents

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Exactly what harold and chris said. You dont need to spray sofits with the shooter tip unless it is just barely reachable with it. Use the m5ds and adjust it to where its fan is hitting it with as low of pressure as possible. If you are standing away from the house shooting towards it you can also be shooting water up into the attic. I stand at each corner shooting away from the house but never striaght up.


If it was the high rinse tip it’s possible. That has a lot of force. @Grizz mentioned a great tip that I’ve been doing also…using the m5ds tip in a fan wide enough to hit gutters and soffit. Never had any trouble using m5ds tip to soap or rinse.

I did knock some soffit and siding loose on two different houses when I used to use my high rinse tip with my 4/4. Learned my lesson.

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We get that a lot. Zip tie a dental pick to a telescoping pole and you can pull it back down in two seconds


And this is why we keep you around William! These little tricks are gold!


Kinda makes you smack yourself in the forehead, :grin:


Cant picture it.

Never had this issue… knock on wood

Will try. Thanks!!!

I thought high rinse on a j-rod is called a shooter tip. Am I wrong about that?:joy:

There is no formal name. Shooter tip is typically any 0 degree tip

No, you shouldn’t be using that to rinse. Use th same tip you used to soap the house. Walk back to the truck and turn off the soap.

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