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Hi there, I quoted a prospect for a professional roof clean and fungi algae treatment for a large 850+ square meter roofspace. Customer asked if my quote includes the replacement of tiles that may break and repointing. What would you say? I want the job but I’m not a roof repairer!

Absolutely. As a professional if you cause damage, you need to fix it.

Now before you start, take pictures of the roof so that if there’s any question if you damaged the roof, you have pics to show what it looked like before work began.

And if there’s damage already, point it out to the customer so they see that the roof is already damaged in certain areas.

I would say no to that. Without knowing the exact specs of the tile, how the roof was installed etc,

You could be the guy that pays for an improper installation from years ago. Then again, I’m in NJ and we don’t see many tile roofs, but I wouldn’t be taking on that responsibility.

Learn how to walk on tile roofs…youtube can help you with that. Where to step, how to step, etc

As qons stated:

Keep in mind that may have been their way of telling you “No”.

I’m not a roofer, thats not a liability I want to take installing shingles/tiles, so that is a job that would get hired out if the unfortunate happens.

I’d probably say something along the lines of:

“My quote does not include the replacement of titles that break, but I’ll be sure to document with before and after pictures and if that something does happen my insurance will handle it”

Great points and as I thought. This has prompted me to update the terms and conditions. Please review below and let me know if you think I’ve missed anything on this topic:

7.5 The Company expects the Client’s property to be in good repair and weathertight. This includes but is not limited to all electrical services including receptacles and light fixtures. Roofs, fascias, flashing, siding (render / walls), doors, windows and frames shall also be in good repair and weathertight.
7.6 The Client acknowledges and agrees that it is their responsibility to declare any existing damage to the Company prior to the commencement of agreed services. This includes but is not limited to brittle, broken or loose roof tiles, cracked pointing, compromised flashing or window / door frames from damage or rot.
7.7 The Client acknowledges that the removal of debris, dirt, moss, algae and fungi may reveal underlying damage including cracks and stains not previously visible prior to cleaning and / or surface treatment by the Company.
7.8 The Company is not responsible for damages as a result of water infiltration from poor or improper installation, maintenance, or repair of electrical-related items or roofs, fascias, flashing, siding (render / walls), doors, windows and frames.
7.9 The Company cannot be held responsible for any existing damage, wear and tear or stains that cannot be removed using the Company’s cleaning methods.
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Does your T&C have 79 bullet points?

It’s an excerpt from clause 7… 7.5 - 7.9!