Customer database systems for pw/sw business?

Been pw for a bit but still rookie status. Looking to kick it into passing gear. Who uses what and why? Thanks Tom

You washing trucks, houses, parking garages, or roofs?

@Jake_Lambert houses,parking lots, businesses. Possible expansion into farm equipment.

And what are you currently using? If you’re doing commercial and flatwork then I think most people on here would suggest a hot water unit, 8gpm/3k-ish. What state, what kind of businesses? There’s a massive amount of info on here, I can give you a good link to the search function if it’s acting up again; I don’t mean that in a condescending way.

Pretty sure hes asking about a way to keep his customers data available, not what washer to get.

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Oh wow, I didn’t get that at all, been a long week lol! Thanks @Greenman

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I always forget to read what section stuff gets posted in

@Greenman correct

Aaaaannnnd, apparently, the title of the whole topic. :man_facepalming:


I’m gonna slowly back out of this room I just burst into and hope nobody got a good look at me lol


@Jake_Lambert screw it might as well hang out and chime in I’m down to listen to all advice.

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I’ll hang in the corner and learn, but to be honest I don’t have the requisite time in the field to give you solid advice on this one. I’ve been playing around with Markate for a few months now and it’s a pretty good CRM. What are the top 3 things you want out of a system? Automated marketing, QuickBooks integration, invoicing, estimating? There’s tons of software companies out there begging for your money. Seems like they all excel in different areas.

Have you used their marketing?

I haven’t, no. I will in few weeks, but there’s another thread where some people were pretty unhappy with that part of their system. Blank postcards going out, things like that. I do not have first-hand experience with Markate for that. As a whole, the system is user friendly and can import clients from a lot of other systems. They have a 2-week free trial that gives full functionality if you wanted to tinker with it

I’ve got spiral bound note books going back to the early 2000’s


I use Markate and like it. They have a free trial so you can play around with it for a week or two.

If you’re just looking for a basic database I’m sure there are plenty of free options out there. If you’re looking for a basic database/estimating software maybe look into Joist. I think it’s only $10 a month. If you’re wanting numerous options like automatic emails/texts, work orders, online booking, online payments, and plenty more I’d look into Markate or maybe The Customer Factor. I can’t imagine not using a program like Markate.


Thank you to all. Got some studying to do now.

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