Current policy holders of Joe Walters Insurance

I called Joe Walter’s Insurance yesterday. I am currently a client of theirs’ for the last two years. I had to speak to them about misc. insurance stuff, and at the end of the conversation I said that I am a member of the PWRA, and have been for almost a year. I obviously mentioned this because I wanted to get the discount that PWRA members get. My current policy ends 3/20/14. I received a message later in the day stating that they MAY not be able to give me the discount because I am within 60 days of my current policy expiring, and that my new policy MAY be already in the PROCESS of being written. I never heard of this before, as far as, having to let them know you are a PWRA member 60 days prior to your policy ending.

Pardon my French but, WTF?..If this is true and I can not receive a 25% discount, as well as, another 10% discount if I pay in full, in addition to, the other perks, …I will not be a happy camper. When its said and done, If I pay up front, to get the additional 10% off, on top of the 25%, I stand to lose over $400 in benefits of the PWRA…not good.

Would you please speak to someone over there and resolve this issue. As I am sure, there are many other PWRA members that will be in the same boat I am in.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and understanding. I look forward to getting this issue resolved with the PWRA.


Daniel K. O’Keefe
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I’m with you Daniel. At the Nashville convention a talked with the gentleman who presented the new benefits for PWRA members in person and asked him point blank if it would be automatic for current members or if I needed to do anything to enroll, he wasn’t sure but said he thought it would be automatic. When I got back I called and emailed the office and they said the discount would be coming but not until my renewal. Okay, that’s fair enough. Now this 60 day nonsense makes me think they’ve really dropped the ball. What really irks me is how they keep preaching to the choir. I get emails from them all the time saying how great it would be if I had a GL policy without audits and with a complimentary equipment rider and with the PWRA discount etc etc. They really need to cross-reference their marketing list from their current customer list. I don’t call my existing clients and tell them how great I treat new customers.

John, I Couldn’t agree more.

I’m there with you I tried to get the discount but they wouldn’t do it because they had already written the new one. I hope I dont see a 25% increase with my member discount next year.

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I would encourage all to find a local provider and establish a relationship with them, regardless of whether they offer you a"discount".

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I did that years ago here but they wanted twice the price. It might be because my state everything is overpriced especially when it comes to Insurance and taxes. Good idea though to see what your local provider charges which may very well be lower then what some of the insurances you read about on these bb’s.

I wanted to see what kind of discount the association actually offered. I called up my local agent and the quote was about $400 higher, and that did not include the equipment insurance or any of the other riders.

After the discount I saved like $600 per year going with Joseph Walters. If you decide you are going with a local agent make sure they are offering the same exact policy type. My local agent had no clue I had to educate them on what I needed in addition to basic GL.

Also if you decide to buy workmans comp, make sure they assign you the correct code, if you so not you could end up paying $1000 or more a year for something you do not need.

I went with my local independent agent. I took my quote from Joe Walters so he could he could match it up and he saved me a huge amount. In New York our rates are high to begin with but the quote from Joe Walters was just ridiculous. Besides it’s nice to be able to stop by and talk to him if I have any concerns.

What’s the name and number of your local guy that you use?? I was going to use Joe Walters but the cost is $925. per year.

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This Company wants 2,200-2,400 in ny and nj, any other suggestions for insurance ?

What company so you use sir? I’m on long island in New York. And I’m looking for the best quote possible. Any type of help would be much appreciated .

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I just switched to someone local myself,saved 1,100

What is the info on the insurance your using for 1100 on long island??

I’m paying $800/year thru a local guy that works for Erie Insurance.

I switched to Erie also

In Texas I pay around $1300 per year Joseph Walters. The big advantage to them is that they have a Care, Custody and Control Rider. The downside is that they only cover up to 3 stories. If you do commercial, that’s a problem. I have gotten quotes as high as $8500 so $1300 is a good price. If you can’t afford $108/mo. you are doing something wrong.

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