Curb pricing

Looking for some feedback on curb pricing. We are looking at over 6,000 linear feet of curbing. The majority of the job will be utilizing our water tank and not connected to a water source. Any thoughts?

This sounds high to me but between 2-2.5k

What type of curbing?

I would say your regular concrete curbing. 1 foot wide with no swell or gutter.

I hope it’s a lot higher than that. 6000 linear feet is a lot of work. Pressure clean, chlorinate and rinse.

Got a pic? Rare you see w/o gutters. How bad is it?

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What size machine you got?

Two different trailers “3” 8 gpm

If you want the job probably going to need to be at $.25-.30 per ft. Perfect job for a 4gpm machine, Put on your turbo nozzle, 1 guy drives along slowly, other walks along spraying. At right angle that’s one pass for the most part. They swap jobs every 30 min or so.

Since I think you have bigger machines, then water probably going to be your biggest issue, keeping the tank full Run by a play with it a few min. See how much you can do in a min. Probably 10’ or so, but being able to keep that up whole time is question.

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I don’t usually use turbo tip for the situation. Usually we utilize The Whisper washer for the top edge of the curb walking at a faster rate then another trailer has a white tip doing the face of the curb.

You may can even do those with a 40 deg nozzle. I’ve done that on commercial jobs, one pass, but sometimes turbo easier.

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If it has curbing, I do that too sometimes. Know what I’ve found the easiest if by myself Get one of those 12" surface cleaners from HD for like $59. They can’t handle too much volume though so have to use small machine. WAlk down with it sitting on top of curb for say 100’, walk back with it in the gutter, then come along with nozzle and hit face. I don’t want to mess up my WW so if there’s a bunch of grass growing against curb or trash in gutters, break out the cheapie.


2 days work 1 guy 1 machine for me. I like racers price

Kind of what I was thinking except get a helper for the day at $150-$200 and do it in one long 10 hour day.


Great advice in here @Racer thanks again for always killing it! Bookmarked this page for sure.

We ended up going a little higher than Racer’s price. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Water is really going to be a problem for you with 8gal machine.

Hope you figured in refill time on the tank as it could be considerable.

Just me, but I would pass on this and NEVER look back.

No it’s a good 1. It comes along with 45000 square feet of walkways and door entrances. We will be in front of the buildings with curves on it. I can have one team doing curbs why the other is doing walkways. Bonus up!

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Ok…I see, part of a larger job.

I was thinking that it was the curbing only…my bad.

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