Curb Pricing Advice

Hello Everyone, I recognize this is a common question but I’m looking for a second opinion on a project. Roughly 35,000 linear feet of rolled curb and gutter. The curb and gutter are about 24" wide in total. See picture for reference. We are also quoting the sidewalks in common areas. We will be filling our water trailer from hydrants around the community to feed our machines. Other quotes have come in at about 5 days. I am looking for some advice on what you guys would quote this curb project for or what rates are your standby for curb/gutter. I am used to pricing sidewalks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Where you located?

Central Florida

Ok, what county?

Orange County. We’ve never done a curb specific project of this size before that is almost exclusively curb.

A lot of factors, you could calculate how much area you can do in a day and charge a ‘day rate’. It’s not an exact science but it works for us.

Id use a floating surface cleaner, not 1 with casters, and itll be a breeze.


Yes I agree with that. That is what we use for the end of residential driveways and road frontage. Looking at finally buying a 49 inch with casters for sidewalk. Almost all the sidewalk we do is 4 feet exactly.

Thanks Man, I have been throwing around .20-.30 per foot as a ball park considering what we need to do. Does this sound outlandish to you? It will cover all our costs and my “daily rate”.

You’re welcome.

Will you need to reclaim?

Not at this job luckily

What are you using to clean it 5 days is generous but that all depends on how many guys you got working and what type of machine you are running did you do a test

Is that the actual color or are they painted? If it’s the latter - paint flakes going down the drain here in Australia is a massive no-no.

Dang, those sidewalks are begging for it too!

They are only painted at three intersections. We plan to block the gutters on the corners and collect the water just in those areas.

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Is the sludge like that all over or just the corners/buildup areas?

Primarily just in certain buildup areas. Not everywhere.

I Agree! The homeowners take care of their sidewalks. I believe the boards plan is to write a bunch of violations for everyone once they have a curb to compare what clean concrete looks like.