Crm programs

I’ve read just about everything there is everywhere on crm programs and am ready to go back to paper and pen. Joist was great when it was free but I’m not.paying for junk. Markate was great for about a week. Now it crashes 20 times a day and everytime I call about a glitch I get the exact same run around bs. They promise and promise and never deliver. Nice enough people but that really doesnt matter when you program is not performing. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about housecall pro and quickbooks mobile and it just seems like the concept is 5 years behind where I’d like it to be. It’s getting fustrating and seems like a waist of money. Anyone have the end all solution?

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Are you just trying to keep track of the schedule?

I like the auto reminders as well

I used to use Google calendar and joist for estimates then manually do reminders, I’m ready to go back…I’ll just use word for estimates

Jobber is amazing. Always works lots of features. I had Markate too and it looked promising but it just doesn’t look very professional when sending a quote out and crashes every other use.

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Try Customer Factor


I second this custom factor is great. Guys the whole point of a CRM system is to make your life easier - if something isn’t working then try to switch it up. When I first started, I did a trial version of 10+ systems. What works for me might not work for others, but the whole point is about getting a broad spectrum of the field and figuring out what works for you. Before custom factor I had salesforce.


I’m actually a fan of Housecall. Makes my life easier and my customers love it.

+1 for The Customer Factor, keeps things organized, a lot of functionality.