Critique my website! pls <3

I just got my first draft of my new website, and I am open to suggestions or changes that should be made.

Website Here
Thank you in advance.

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Looks great! This is a bit of nitpicking, but the blue used in the google review boxes looks kind of off compared to all the other blues.

The slider for the before/after images is awesome!

Thank you for the critique. Nit-picky is what I’m looking for. The design guys have told me they will change whatever whenever, but I’d like to just have all the changes I want made now so I’m not bothering them all the time lol.

I took the FAQ page for you.

  • How Long… Decapitalize the L in long
    -Are Wolverine detergents… In the paragraph, detergents is spelled “detergrents”
    -If it rains… “However, if it is lightning then we…” Change that to “However, if lightning is present then we…”
    -Brick surfaces… You spelled it “brik” in the paragraph.

Hope that helps

Thank you! Ill pass that onto the designers.

The bold blue type needs to be outlined so make it more prominent. It seems slightly blurry because there is not outlined and the choice of font. I use Yellow for my Intro and feel like it pulls the eyes better than Blue. Otherwise looks good.

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I like your website.

Narrow it down to have 3 colors using the 60/20/20 rule. Do you have a link to an actual live site??