Credit...where credit is due!

Just wanted to take the opportunity to recognize some members on the forum for being very helpful to me.

I am brand new to the washing business. I did a ton of research before making the decision to give this a try and I continue to research all manner of things that I suspect I might get the opportunity to wash.

Anyway, I ordered my equipment and started my washing business. When I started, the only washing that I had done was for myself…a much different situation than washing for hire. To this point, I have had a good idea how to wash the things that I have washed, due to all of the reading that I have done. But, I really want to make sure that I don’t damage someones property and as such, I want to make sure that I have correctly understood the stuff that I have read. So, many times in the last 2 months, I have called, sent pm or text messages to Racer, IBS and Squid…EVERY time that I have asked them a question, I have received an answer and generally more information than I asked for. They will point out things to be careful of or to look for and make note of…perhaps mention to owner prior to beginning a job.

I just want to say thanks to these guys for giving so freely of their knowledge that they have gained from their experience.

Thanks guys, I truly appreciate it.


Im right there with ya man, i just finished my second year

. i have read a bunch, and searched about anything that comes to mind. It has helped me when various things pop up. Cant thank the entire forum enough.