Cream Stripped Off Driveway

I believed I stripped the cream off of a couple of driveways using a 4x4 machine and a 15 inch surface cleaner. Pics are below. 4th pic is a before picture showing the state of the concrete before I washed showing there was some damage beforehand, the concrete gets a lot of direct sunlight and is 20 yrs old. The lighter orangeish colored portions are more dug in than the grey color.

I know there is no way to replace concrete cream but am wondering if anyone has improved the appearance of concrete in this condition without laying an aggregate and spreading quikcrete. I’m thinking about trying a tinted sealer. Any tips appreciated. Thanks.

Whats a 4by 4 machine?

4gpm 4000psi.

There is no “cream coating” left on 20 year old concrete.

You cleaned the surface and exposed what the concrete looks like.

The surface looked like s hit under the dirt and mold before you got there.

You just exposed it.


You just cleaned that concrete…


@TexasPressureWashing, do you have a concrete cleaning contract as well? Lol. Need to make sure you have something in there about the concrete potentially looking splotchy under all the mold/mildew/dirt.

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Looks like the magnesium in the concrete to me.

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@gbattle could probably shed some light on this

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If cream hasn’t hardened in 20 years I will forever hang up my surface cleaning boots.

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There was a similar post just the other day. The guy thought he screwed up the customer’s driveway but it was just the way the concrete was.

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Thanks for all the responses

Didn’t have a contract @qons it was a pretty small job and I’ve just started this little business during quarantine. Definitely going to get insurance after that scare

that’s just how the concrete is. you didn’t do anything to it. However, use this opportunity and adjust the nozzles on your SC to make sure you’re not going over 2500psi on it.

@TexasPressureWashing has a good contract that will get you started. He just added a concrete section. :grimacing:

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Haha I already sent him the link @qons


I would have hoped you already had insurance going into this. But you outta call someone ASAP and get coverage.

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For example Hiscox and Joseph D Walters do not cover walking on roofs. They do allow you to wash the roof but from the ground or a ladder and no higher than 36ft. Frank Crum covers roof work. Expect to pay $1800-1900 a year (my quote in Texas)

Erie Insurance is another good insurance many washers use but it’s not in Texas.

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@juan4690 thanks, I’m going to try out some 25040 nozzles

Thanks for the insurance tip @TexasPressureWashing I checked out your blog as well and have already picked up some great stuff

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You’re welcome and glad it helped.