Craigslist/ Facebook Marketplace find

Hours on Craigslist looking at random crap finally paid off, Fat Boy for $500. Was just about to order a new one next week


Nice find


The guy said he was selling it because he went through to many gallons of bleach when washing a house. I asked him what his mix was … 40 gallons of bleach to 40 gallons of water for a house lol.

O lord was he cleaning up crime scenes or something. Better run a few hundred gallons of water through that pump, I bet it’s about shot! Is that the pre 2017 model, I noticed it doesn’t have a 3 way valve, or did he just take it off.

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Ya pre. So far pump runs and sounds good, but will be ordering a backup tomorrow for peace of mind

That wouldn’t be way out of line if he was buying 6% at the dollar store.

That’s still 3% on siding.