Craigslist Advertising. Which service type do you use?

I have spent some time advertising on craigslist. Thing is, I have yet to figure out which “Service category” I should use. Household services? Farm and garden? Skilled trades? (Yes, I know we are not a skilled trade.) Etc etc. Which ones have you had luck with, if you are willing to share?

I’ve never had much luck with Craigslist. I got leads, but they were either bargain shopping or frankly a pain in my backside level of difficult to work with.

I should probably try again, but I focused on other platforms.

Have you had good luck with CL? I’m sure it varies from market to market.

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I’ve found it to be good for commercial work. One of the first calls I got from CL (Actually I think it was THE first) was for a $3500 gutter cleaning job on a condo complex. Then I got another that was a $700 job for a hair salon and a rental house.

Well dang maybe you should tell me what category to use :rofl:

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I should see if I can look back in my CL history to find out which category those ads were in. Lol

I’ve never tried CL because all the people advertising on it were the $99 dollar guys. It sounds like it may really work in your area though. You could advertise your commercial side and not even take resi calls from it, or screen them very carefully with a high minimum.