Craigslist Ads?

Hi everybody, I’m just getting my business off the ground and been told that Craigslist is a great place to go get jobs. Can anybody give me any ideas about Craigslist? Please let me know your thoughts?

Awful. Craigslist is where people go to buy secondhand stuff for bottom dollar. Not a good place for advertising business in my opinion.

I think they now charge in most categories in most/all cities. $5/ad. Used to be free.


I tried CL for a little while. I got spammed a lot and some morons tried to scam me. I don’t think I got any work out of it. When I was just starting out door hangers were my best friend. Now, I use Google AdWords.

$50 for business now!

Maybe it depends on the city. On the Dallas craigslist, it shows $5 in most categories.

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$5 in Portland too.

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I pay $5 in 2 major cities to be listed in cl and in the last month I’ve gotten 3 calls. All 3 were good class of customer with nice home. Had one lady call me that was too drunk to understand. I never did ask if she found my add on cl but I assumed. I told her we were 3 months booked out and she hung up. My newspaper add is generating about 3 calls a week from older ladies that don’t use Facebook.

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I run some craigslist ads because it doesn’t really cost much, so why not? My strategy is to be the most expensive guy on craigslist. Craigslist is full of lowball hack contractors, but not everybody is looking for that. There are a lot of eyeballs on there and some of them will be happy to find the guy that looks a little more like he has his act together.

I do get some weird calls, though. Like the bird poop guy.

I just had a Craigslist weirdo on Monday. I looked at the job on Google Maps, but when I got there, he had just replaced all the doors and windows. All the stucco was broken out. Gutters were missing. Random electrical wires were sticking out with wire nuts on them. I have no idea why he wants to wash a house in that condition. I washed the garage for him, but that was it.

Do you guys list them under Farm and Garden or Household.